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Which Ring Tones Can I Get For My Phone?

 by: Mike Yeager

Ring tones are simply a computer program stored in your cell phone's memory and with most phones, you can change it. You can have a unique sound that only you want. Here's the deal on ring tones - you get the cooler sounding rings on the newer, more expensive phones. For example, if you have an old Nokia phone, it can play a monophonic ring tone, which means simple tunes with one sound. But the newer phones can handle polyphonic ring tones. They can play several sounds at the same time, giving the ringing quality a more pleasing sound.

Ring tones can be customized the way your phone rings, from a popular song to a classical hit. Find a ring tones that you like. Don't be stuck with the standard ring sounds that come with your phone. Everybody has those! Stand out with your favorite song or band you love. Once you find a ring tone you like, you have to get it on your phone. Most people just upload the ring tone to their phone with a data cable or they can send it to themselves with a simple phone call.

Ring tones of your new favorite song do serve some purpose, of course -- it lets you distinguish your own phone's ring from other phones ringing around you. It's incredibly easy to find and add a song you like and load it up.

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