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Sports Views for November

 by: Leigh Douglas

Baseball season is finally over. Would anyone really complain if they cut about 12 games off the season (is 150 not enough?). Now at least we wont have to hear about the curse, now we just have to take care of that goat and all will be well.

Is there really any doubt that Carlos Beltran is going to wind up a Yankee? He has gone from being one of the most underappreciated players in the game with the Royals, to having one of the greatest postseason performances. That one series against the Cardinals might have earned him the difference between a 10 to 12 mil a year to now a 16 to 18 mil a year.

It is about time to squash any and all talk of a quarterback controversy in Cincinnati. The Bengals are not a contender, not yet at least. Why not let Carson Palmer play now, take his lumps now, so that in a year or two when the whole team is in a position to contend so will he. What good will playing Jon Kitna really do for the Bengals, at best he may be the difference between a 6-10 and an 8-8 season. Either way long term playing Palmer now is the best move for the Bengals, and I applaud Marvin Lewis for the foresight, and the courage to make such a move despite all the criticism.

Does anyone really miss the NHL?

If Jason White won the Hiesman last year, and now this year Adrian Peterson is the best player on the same team as White, how is Peterson not the favorite to win the Hiesman?

Over/Under for the upcoming NBA season:

1 week -Before Kobe is crying to the press, and finding a new scapegoat for the Lakers struggles

1 month-Before the breakup of the Blazers

1 game -Before Yao Ming starts to back off and lets McGrady take over the team

2 weeks-Before Isaiah Thomas makes his first trade

6 weeks-Before Baron Davis gets hurt

3 quarters-Before Ron Artest gets a technical foul

2 games -Before Antoine Walker attempts his 50th field goal

2 months -Before Shaq subtlety points out to the media that Miami is winning, and the Lakers arent

NFL Midseason Rankings:

1 Eagles 7-0 As injuries pile up so go their chances at staying unbeaten

2 Steelers 6-1 Can they keep this up? Is Ben setting the bar too high?

3 Patriots 6-1 Come playoff time will still be team to beat

4 Jets 6-1 Are playing over their heads, schedule has helped a lot

5 Jaguars 5-3 Cardiac cats are beating some quality teams

6 Giants 5-2 So much for a QB controversy

7 Vikings 5-2 Return of Onterrio and Moss will help wake up offense

8 Falcons 6-2 A 6-3 win over the cards shouldnt count as a win

9 Broncos 5-3 Are a playoff team, but just that, nothing more

10 Chargers 5-3 How is Brees not most improved(comeback)player this year?

11 Ravens 4-3 If they get healthy no one will want to play them come playoff time

12 Colts 4-3 Still have to respect that offense, but its time to address the D

13 Rams 4-3 Hasnt Martz time ran out yet?

14 Seahawks 4-3 Word best to describe the Seahawks : underachievers

15 Texans 4-3 Can no longer be taken lightly

16 Lions 4-3 Are well on their way to respectability

17 Packers 4-4 Their defense(especially their secondary) is killing them

18 Chiefs 3-4 Must be regretting not addressing the defense in the off season

19 Titans 3-5 Annual roster defections are finally catching up

20 Saints 3-4 Will Hasslett be first coach fired?

21 Browns 3-4 Davis should be first coach fired?

22 Cowboys 3-4 Will soon find out about Drew Hanson

23 Bengals 2-5 They arent really looking to this year anyways

24 Bills 2-5 Mistakes always seem to cost them

25 Redskins 2-6 Can we still blame Spurrier?

26 Cardinals 2-5 There may be a light at the end of the tunnel

27 Buccaners 2-5 At this rate, Grudens head is likely to explode by week 14

28 Panthers 1-6 Have injuries cost any other team more?

29 Raiders 2-6 Are getting bad as fast as they are getting old

30 Bears 2-5 Krentzel & Quinn, there has to be other options

31 49ers 1-6 Already losing, and now without Julian Pederson

32 Dolphins 1-7 Would Ricky have even made a difference ?

About The Author

Leigh Douglas is the sports editor of T.E.N Magazine, a social commentary magazine with balls! Check out more articles at

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