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Fantasy Football Information
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Fantasy Football Information

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 by: Levi Bloom

This article was inspired by all those things customers do that really irritate bike shop owners and employees. I decided to create this list of commandments for you to follow.

 1. Thou shall buy from nowhere before your local bike shop.

 2. WD-40 shall not be applied as chain lube.

 3. Keep frequent thy visits to the local bike shop.

 4. Thou shall not park your Mercedes in front of the store and then attempt to haggle the price on a $350 bike.

 5. Thou first bike may come from Wal-Mart, but that is it.

 6. Thou wert never "just riding along."

 7. If thou wert "just riding along," do not expect thou crumpled frame and bent wheels to be covered under warrantee.

 8. Thou shall not request solid tubes or at least ask for them to be fixed.

 9. If thou wish to get a good deal on a tube by talking to "Rick," maybe you should just see Rich. (If you happen to be in Lincoln, Nebraska, that is.)

10. Thou shall not quote mail-order catalogs in the shop.

If you are a customer, don't be offended, I am partly joking! What fun would a bike shop be without some funny/odd/amusing/stupid events every day?

Thanks go out to Bloom Bike Shop, The Bike Barn, and Bike Pedalers bike shops for their input.

About The Author

This article was written by Levi Bloom in 2004 and originally appeared on Check out his site for more bike and health related information.

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