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News for 10-Feb-06

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Exercise Facilities Limitation Fueling Obese Children

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Parents' Views on Violence Guide Child's Behavior

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Ill-Fitting Masks Hamper Child Asthma Care

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Maternal Antidepressant Use Can Trigger Withdrawal in Newborns

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Mom's Antidepressant Use Raises Newborn's Risk for Lung Condition

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Mad Cow NOT Bad Cow!

 by: Jan McCracken

I don't know which of the biggest headlines are being read right now… Mad Cow or New Diets for a New Year (but I have my suspicions!).

HOWEVER ~ let's look a little further at REAL statistics… and do a little "common sense" comparison here… (by the way, common sense seems to have disappeared completely in this great land of ours)!

We look at the number of deaths in the all-out Mad Cow "epidemic", if you will, in Britain… number of deaths connected to it… approximately 130. Shall we just mention here the deaths that we are suffering RIGHT NOW from diabetes and obesity?

So… let's have a little closer look at that big animal in those green fields, contently chewing his cud and rolling those big, brown eyes…

Some of you will get to this part of this article and toss it… so have a nice day! Some others of you will be curious and continue to read…

How much do you know about our friend "the cow"? I'll bet not much except that you prefer rib eye steak over NY Strip and that you buy hamburger when it is on sale and, and, and…

Do you know the nutritional value that the "cow" brings to us? In addition to proteins, iron, zinc and vitamins B6 and B12, beef contains omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for life and gives us strong protection and immunities from vascular diseases!

Our friends, the cows, were designed to eat grasses and grains that were also designed for our diets!

HOWEVER ~ our Creator made the COW very special! What do you know about a cow's stomach?

Did you know that a cow's stomach contains four rumination pouches that secrete many kinds of bacteria in digesting the grasses and grains that a cow eats?

You say, "who cares"?

Well, let me tell you that we should care and why… these bacteria in the digestion process in the cow are competing during the process for nutrients, nutrients, utrients! In this miraculous process harmful bacteria is crowded out… parasites are destroyed… viruses are obliterated… and nasty toxins are literally knocked out BEFORE they reach the very flesh of the COW!

The awesome design of the digestive system of the cow brings to us "flesh with purified nutrients"!

In turn, our consumption of COWS that have been range-fed, organic and chemical free protect us from harmful effects of triglycerides and cholesterol!

Now I am REALLY going to lose some readers… as most of us know, in nutrition, meats are great sources of complete protein. However, because hormones, antibiotics and pesticides enter the picture of raising beef the Great Design of the Creator is altered. This is NOT the way it was meant to be.

My message to you: Don't throw the baby out with the bath water!

I found a great quote from What the Bible Says About Healthy Living by Rex Russell, MD, that I would like to share with you:

"Maybe it's time to get off our rump roast and eat more of everything God created for food." ~ Rex Russell, MD

Jan McCracken

Author, Low Carb Christmas Cookin'

COMING SOON: Low Carb Everyday Cookin'

About The Author

Jan McCracken is author and self-publisher of 39 gift books and cookbooks. Born in the Midwest and former owner/innkeeper of a country bed and breakfast in Branson, MO, she has been cooking since she was 17 years old (she won't tell us how many years that is)!

Jan has been living the low carb lifestyle for 8 years. Her long-term goal is helping people understand that food is truly the great medicine, prevention and healer of disease.

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